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Polidoor Sectional Doors are produced in-house by galvanized rolled formed steel panel arrays filled with environmental friendly insulating PU. All panels are manufactured in house by Kingspan and are available in several different configurations. Fully compliable with EN standards and CE directives.

Polidoor Sectional Doors deviate from other market products, as superior Kingspan panels are used, can be offered at several colors, can optionally be offered with Heavy Duty power groups (no counterbalance springs) and  programmable electronic board. Available at 40mm-60mm-80mm or 100mm panel thickness, Polidoor Sectional Doors can thermally insulate building like no other. Polidoor Sectional Doors can be offered with full vision panoramic profiles, framed windows or even ventilation louvers upon customer’s request. 

Installation of Sectional Doors performed either in the building span, or inside a cold store room to provide perfect thermal insulation. Sectional doors are offered in three different lift configurations (Overhead / High lift / Vertical lift) to match every building aesthetics / clear space restrictions  Full glazed Sectional Door model is available for exhibition areas where thermal insulation is not important. Strictly Kingspan certified and supplied with kingspan guaranteed quality as a long lasting solution for any type of building.


Full Vision Panoramic Door
Wicket Door
Fire Resistance IPN Panel
Safety Edge
Inductive Loop
Microwave Movement Sensor
Remote Control
Hydraulic Leveler Interconnection (Docking Stations)
Electrical  Type
Hydraulic Type

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.