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Loading Stations

Bridging safety with functionality

Polidoor offers a complete range of products for loading stations. Usually an electrohydraulic leveler is combined with a sectional door and a retractable shelter. Polidoor electrohydraulic levelers vary in widths starting from 1800mm reaching up to 2200mm with option for segmental lip, able to serve any truck or minivan for loading. Also, available in lengths starting from 2000mm ending up to 4000mm Polidoor levelers can minimize inclination ratio between loading station and bridging truck platform. Furthermore, all electrohydraulic levelers can be delivered either with swing type or telescopic type lip, covering all possible bridging expectations.

In loading stations where temperature insulation is not at highest priority, Polidoor Roller Shutter systems can be used in replacement of the Sectional Doors providing a more cost efficient solution. For more demanding requirements in terms of sealing, Polidoor can offer inflatable shelters, or cushion type shelters. (Please consult our sales representative for optimum solution) For loading stations that require no protection during loading / unloading, Polidoor can offer a manual ramp, that can serve multiple loading stations, as it is attached and rolling on a special rail element. For retrofit loading stations, or very demanding temperature control areas, Polidoor can offer an external loading station, composing from a superstructure, twin interconnected doors, an interconnected rapid speed door, a dock shelter and an electrohydraulic leveller. For places where loading station is not present, Polidoor can offer a Mobile Loading Ramp that can bridge ground level with truck platform, inclining 10% at length of 12000mm Polidoor Mobile Loading Ramps can be offered as manual / hydraulic lifting (for areas with no power supply), or with an electrohydraulic power group. For buildings that cannot expand due to building regulations, Polidoor is offering a retrofit solution that can be attached to the building without being considered as building expansion.


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For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.