High Speed PVC Doors

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High Speed PVC Doors

Polidoor can offer a wide range of Rapid Speed Doors in several different configurations to meet any customer requirement. Standard Polidoor Rapid Speed Doors can be installed internally in every building, offering quick access and reseal of rooms. Speed of standard doors can be up to 3m/sec, full vision transparent area is included as standard and all safety equipment is provided as standard i.e safety edge and photocells.

All Polidoor products can connect to microwave movement sensor, inductive loops, pull cords, remote controls. (For complete list of accessories please refer to accessories section of this product) In buildings operating at overpressure, Polidoor can offer a model with wheeled wind locks that can withstand mild pressure differences between rooms. Structure of Polidoor Rapid Speed Doors can be either by galvanized steel, or aluminum according to customer’s specifications. PVC canvas has a thickness of 0,9mm as standard, but different specifications are available. All Polidoor Rapid Speed Doors can be offered in self repairing configurations upon request.

Type Functional

Folding Type 
Roll up Type
Self - Repairable


For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.