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Polidoor can provide smart and efficient solutions for buildings with oversized openings. When transportation is impossible due to the size of roller shutters. Polidoor is providing Moving Post System solution, a dedicated system that achieves full coverage and use of building span, by separating opening in two (2), three (3), five (5) or more sections. Polidoor respects environment, this is an environmentally friendly solution, as each section of the system can be operated individually, minimizing heat losses and energy consumption for the operation. System consists of standard Polidoor Roller Shutters, sharing a common rail on the top that is used to move Roller Shutter posts to the sides, when required. (For advantages, equipment and specifications of Polidoor Roller Shutters please refer to Roller Shutter section of this webpage) 

Oversized Fold Able PVC Doors

For buildings that rapid operation of an oversized door is required, Polidoor can provide the fast and flexible solution of Oversized Foldable PVC Door. Full system is divided in subsections are joined together during system assembly, therefore transportation requirements for this system can be considered as standard. Polidoor Oversized Foldable PVC Door can be equipped with single or dual PVC fabric, full panoramic vision strip, inductive loop, microwave movement sensors, remote control and all electronic accessories for this type of doors in the market. System speed is adjustable and can be up to 1m/sec.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.