Hinged Doors

Cold Store Doors

Hinged Doors

Is a semi-rebate door and is used in applications where temperature control is necessary. Polidoor combines the latest technology, premium materials and innovative design features to provide the maximum thermal control. The door is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

All fixing accesories and handles are Fermod branded, Foam used for thermal heating is Kingspan’s special formula these materials are used in order to supply top quality performance levels. The frame and track of our doors are made from aluminum profiles which are more long-lasting than traditional PVC frames.

Our doors come in various thickness between 60mm - 140mm according to temperature in the area. Doors are available with automatic function for when requests exceed a certain size automatic doors may be opened with buttons, remote controls, censors or rope-switches. Doors are supplied with safety barriers and photocells.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.