Flip Flap Doors

Cold Store Doors

Flip - Flap Doors

These doors are specially built in order for quick passage between both sides they are produced with 40mm thickness and have an insulation value. They are equipped with windows and kickers on request. These doors are generally used for areas were forklifts need to pass they also can come with automatic sensor if requested so if anybody approaches the door it will automatically open. 


Both sides can be used at the same time, it is energy efficent and a superb seperation solutưon for places open to the public and production lines like hotels, kitchens and process factories. All fixing accesories and handles are Fermod branded, Foam used for thermal heating is Kingspan’s special formula these materials are used in order to supply top quality performance levels. The frame and track of our doors are made from aluminum profiles which are more long-lasting than traditional PVC frames.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.