ATM Controlled Room Doors

Cold Store Doors

ATM Controlled Manuel Door

Polidoor Atmospheric Controlled Doors are designed to be used for controlled atmosphere cold store areas. They ensure air tightness with special closed cell foam sealants and stainless camshaft systems. These doors include a glass monitoring section which can also be directly applied to cold store wall. To prevent formation of any thermal bridges, the frame is made from anodized aluminium the exterior sheet and all interior support sheets are combined. Then polyurethane is injected into it thus providing a holistic integrity. Doors are manufactured using hygienic materials in accordance with European standards. Doors do not contain any organic materials. No deformation will occur when washed with any chemical disinfectants.

These doors are generally requested in fruit, vegetable and air leakage sensitive enviroments.


ATM Controlled Automatic Door

These are Polidoor Atmospheric Controlled Doors incorporated with automation system used for areas where the doors are used frequently to pass through. In addition to control panel and engine system incorporating encoder system, there are also many other accessories including remote controller, IP switch, mass sensor photocell, alarm system with light, etc.

For more information, please see the adjacent catalogue as well as the Technical manual.